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Monday, December 07, 2015
konnichiwa~ Yurikachan desu! 

I finally decided on having my own DOMAIN which is www.yurikachan.com yehey! hurray to that. Because I felt the need to have my own domain to you know make it more PROFESSIONAL haha. Anyways, last week I received my own credit card from AMAZON.JP and they gave me a 2000円 worth of points and since those points are free to use I bought some eye make ups. I bought this 4 items for only 3,692円 minus the point they gave me, so I only paid 1538円. LUCKY!


I will give you guys a little bit of a review about it but take note that I am not a make up expert nor a make up blogger. SO read at your own risk LOL

Etude House Bling Bling Eye stick (550円)

I am a fan of Korean cosmetics even before college days because they are cheap, easy to use , and ehem KPOP i mean formulated for ASIANS. This sticks came in different colors/shades but AMAZON.JP only have the 3 shades readily available. I mean, some of the etude house products listed where out of the PRIME lists and some are shipped from Korea that will take 2-3 weeks before it arrive and since I do not have the PATIENCE to WAIT I chose this 2 shades #10 BR402 (dark) and #8 BE102 (light). 

this sticks have a creamy texture, not that highly pigmented but are very sparkly. I think its ideal to use an eye primer first to make the color pop and make it last longer since its a cream type it may or may not last longer especially to those who have an oily eyelids. Since the tube is small, you can just throw it in your bag and do the retouch anytime you feel the need to. I recommend this for people like me who are always on the go and doesn't have the time to do the complicated eye shadow thingy every morning. 

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel (1,296円)

I always wanted to have a Gel eyeliner from tony moly but I read some reviews that it clumps a lot. Since I am also a fan of maybelline, I decided to pick this one. It came in 2 colors Black and Brown, I have the brown one and I love it. Its not that brown its like a copper brown and has a little glitters on it. It also came with a brush which makes it really easy to apply. Aside from that it lasted longer , doesn't smudge and waterproof. 

It has a creamy texture more than of a gel that makes it glide in your skin a lot easier. What I don't like about this product is that its packaging is so small that I am afraid that I might lose it. But Overall I highly recommend this product, cheap but reliable. 

Maybelline Volume Express Hyper Curl (1,296円)

Honestly, I am not a fan of mascara because of my past experiences where they smudge and makes me look like a panda and tiny bits of dried mascara fell off from my eyelashes down under my eyes. But this mascara doesn't smudge at all and is waterproof. I like its comb applicator which helps separate the eyelashes. It does adds volume and super curl on your eyelashes. 

so this is what I Looked like using all this products mentioned here. I wear this for more than 8 hrs and they did not smudge at all nor makes me a panda. I might wear this look for the whole winter season haha! thanks for reading don't forget to follow my blog for more updates. see yah! 

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