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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Konnichiwa yurikachan desu~! 

I should be posting this blog last week but I got so busy finding the perfect gift for my MANITA. Anyways, me and my girl friend Shams decided to take a leave using our yuukyu ( leave with pay) to have  a day just for ourselves. We wanted to have our hair color done but we're so hesitant because of the tight budget XD 
But still we ended up having an appointment with the beauty salon near our place. 

The salon we went to is called ATP and I dont know what it stands for haha our friend recommended them to us. Its just a small shop and at first, I thought its just a crappy shop because outside it looks too ordinary for a salon. But when we went inside it is a pretty much decent salon. 

Honestly, I am not really fond of going to salons here in Japan. Because of the fact that it is so damn expensive! For example a hair cut will usually cost ¥3000~¥4000
And what bothers me most is that the price doesnt include the shampoo and hair styling (blow drying/hair ironing) ! 

The hairstylists then asked me what color I wanted. I said that i wanted a light ash brown color but he was hesitant because 4-5 inches from the roots of my hair are already dark compared to the lower part. 
I am really dissappointed because i really wanted to have that hair color but he said  it might be lighter if he will use a little bit of bleach. 

       Look how dark my hair is ughhh

     This is originally what I wanted T_T

So they did put a little bit of bleach and I hate how it smells and how stingy it is. But for the sake of becoming pretty i can endure it XD while they are doing their thang they gave me coffee and cookies for free which is pretty much the same with other salons.

The whole process took almost 2 hrs my hair does look lighter but i did not achieve the color that i originally wanted. Its brown with an orange tint, I am still fine with the result though. The hairstylist told me that 2-3 times of coloring my hair will make it more lighter and I can achieve the color I wanted . Which is really weird because you can achieve it by bleaching the hair. Maybe the bleach used here in Japan is not that strong compared to other countries. 

But i read somwhere that using a toner can help achieve the light color that i wanted. I might try the virgin snow toner of manic panic :) 

          Brown with an orange tint

I paid ¥9000 , originally its ¥6500 but since my hair is long and they put bleach on it there are additional charges. Overall, I like their service compared to other salons ive been to. I might also have my hair straighten by them. 

If you are near kikugawa-shi or lives here I recommend this salon. 

1440-1 Honjo, Kikugawa, Shizuoka Prefecture 439-0018

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