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Saturday, November 19, 2016
konnichiwa~! Yurikachan desu~

We are celebrating Ethan's 3rd monthsary so instead of me being an artsy fartsy with his ''monthsaries'' I decided to bring him in Studio Alice in lalaport Iwata. It was our first time so I was bit hesitant because I thought it would be very pricey but still I push through it and took an appointment. Yep! you need to secure an appointment first because they don't accept walk in customers. 

Since we are celebrating his 3rd month, we took the momoka iwai (okoisume) from their satsuei menu. Momoka iwai (okoisume)  means the 100 days after birth celebration in which they do rituals like your child imitates eating a meal for the first time with a wish that your child will not be bothered by food for a lifetime. So Studio Alice will capture that ritual and aside from that they will also capture your baby's first smile photo. You can also have a family picture for this celebration.   

The satsuei ryo or the shooting fee is 3,240 yen (tax incl.) this includes the costumes you want your baby to wear during the pictorial. You can choose up to 5 costumes with no extra fee at all. We chose 3 costumes for Ethan and the 4th one is we go for a nude pic lol. The staff will be the one to dress your baby so you just have to watch them do their work. Its really fun to look at how they make your baby laugh and how your baby react to them. Good thing Studio Alice allows their customers to take videos but no taking of pictures. 

In the entire photo shoot your baby will be sitting in a dedicated seat for babies. At first I was bit concerned about it because Ethan might fall from it but then I realize that the seat is like a child seat with a deep portion in which your baby will be seated. 

After the photo shoot you will then select the images you wanted to be printed and the photo size.Photo sizes have different prices so be aware of it. In our case we selected 8 images to be printed for a standard size photo that cost 1800 yen each. The total amount of the print outs plus the shooting fee will all be the total cost for your baby's pictorial.Take note that if you selected a Disney theme a fee of 1,080 yen will be added on your total amount. 

Photos will be given to you 2 weeks after and the data or the cd will be available only after a year for ¥540 not unless if you are willing to pay ¥5400 each photos then you can have the data (yikes!) 

Yes it is a bit pricey but the experience and the memories you'll get is far more expensive than the amount you paid. 

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