Me taking a Japanese Driving license Part 1

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
konnichiwa~! yurikachan desu

As I have mentioned from my last post on my plans about getting a Japanese Driving License???
I have already taken the test last Oct 16 and I failed on my first try but I will be back again
this Oct 24 in SHIZUOKA CHUUBU MENKYO SENTA . To tell you honestly , the written test is quite easy which is only 10 items. I passed the written test but i failed on the practical test. The driving course seems like easy if seen from afar but if you are already on the course its a different story. Luckily, the proctor was a girl and she was really nice and gave me some pointers!

Shizuoka Chuubu Menkyo Senta

Shizuoka Chuubu Menkyo Senta Course

Actually, I am supposed to  do the tests last month in HAMAKITA SEIBU MENKYO SENTA but the guy who checked my papers ruined it. They did not accept my DOCUMENTS for one silly reason. My official receipt from LTO doesn`t contain a payment information and it was hand written.

left is mine it was hand written and no payment details
right is hubhie`s OR computerized and has payment details on the blue box
we renewed on the same date..... HOW UNLUCKY!

I explained to him that the time I renewed my license there is a major black out in our city that's why it was hand written. Aside from explaining,I gave him a supporting document which is the license certificate authenticated by the DFA which is I think it is more LEGIT than that of the official receipt. I told him that the payment details you where looking for is already written on that license certificate and I insisted that my driving license is LEGIT and guess what! that prick shouted at me and said that I may say that my license is LEGIT but my papers dont! now come back if you have a new receipt!!

DFA authenticated Drivers License Certificate

Whoa! wait what?  LTO cant reproduce a new receipt not unless if I renewed again! At that moment I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I was really disappointed to the point that I cried a lot on how unlucky I was and I curse that prick for denying me!!!!! SO SORRY LORD GOD >..< Good thing my hubhie was there to comfort me.

I asked my mom to consult on LTO on what to do with my official receipt and the good LTO provided me another certificate..... which is actually the same with the one I presented him duhhh.
certification everything written here is also written on the red ribbon thing

Since HAMAKITA SEIBU MENKYO SENTA is well known for being strict on their GAIMEN KIRIKAI takers we decided to gave it a shot in SHIZUOKA CHUUBU MENKYO SENTA and yes! they accepted my papers and I was given the chance to take the exam.

Now my only problem is passing the exam!!!! wish me luck

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