Etude House: BB MAGIC BALM review

Friday, December 03, 2010
Wow! its been awhile since i blogged but anyways i need to have a review on what i bought from ETUDE HOUSE its a korean brand and i bought it on ebay last year!  the products will be posted separately

( sorry for the imgs im using the cam of my phone)

lets start with this BB MAGIC BALM
    they say that this is not the same as BB MAGIC CREAM, it is more of a concealer or foundation,
    with SPF 30 / PA +++ and its a good thing... right? 

it comes with a free brush ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞ ( i dont have a picture of it but its 
actually good and has a soft texture) here's the ingredients 

now what's inside ? 

sorry its kinda messy since ive been using this already 
but not all the time.. why? well, it may look like a perfect 
shade for my skin tone but its actually not! and im some kinda 
regretting why did i buy this thing! i mean seriously! 

at first glance, it looks good and compatible to my skin tone but when i 
put this on, its actually LIGHTER than my skin tone! which is really 
devastating. why? because i looked like a ghost! its just sooooo white!

the picture below will show how white it was, on the bottom part its with the 
BB MAGIC BALM and on the upper part its just a bare skin. 

but since i dont want to waste on money i still use this thing sometimes, 
as a concealer to hide my imperfections
 it has a med - full coverage though most of the 
time i use my Victoria's Secret Oil free concealer.
Just never use this on your entire face because you will really look like a ghost 
and you only need a small amount! just use your fingertips when applying 
on your face and make sure its clean. 

oh i forgot, the texture was ok. its smooth and smells good too!
and i think if you have an oily skin don't use this product. 
I have an oily-skin and its just too oily for me. 


  1. oh, thanks for the review :) now, I know that its true that its not really nice :)

  2. hi there! yeah i really regret buying this one
    thanks for dropping by :)


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