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Sunday, September 18, 2011
Konnichiwa~! yurikachan desu! 

hi! I am Eureka or Yurika in Japanese because that is how they spell it. I am a Filipina who lived here in Japan since the year 2009 and  I've been writing blog ever since I arrived here. I also worked and enjoyed the privilege of being here. 

I came from the Phillippines in the LAND OF PROMISE, where people are very kind and hospitable.Sometimes, Me and my husband will take our vacation leave to enjoy and have fun in our homeland. 

I admit that when I came here I had some difficulties in adapting because it is really different to where I came from and I get so homesick all the time but eventually I learned to accept and love this country. 

I am happy to where I am now especially now that we have been blessed with a child.  That`s why I want to share to everyone what Japan has to offer and our experiences here as a family.

wanna know more about my life here in JAPAN? follow me on my social media accounts. Hope to hear from you soon. 


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