Fighting Acne and weight loss

Sunday, September 11, 2011
Since I arrived here in Japan i gained weight for about 6 kgs! and it was accompanied by huge ACNE BREAKOUTS (blame it to too much stress and sleeping problems). I was so hopeless and i feel so insecure about my self.. i mean i feel so ugly.

i tried so many products to at least ease my acne problem but none of them helped me as i mentioned on my other post a year ago about the body shop's tea tree line, it didn't actually helped me get rid of my problem. Yes, it did some miracles at first use but as time goes by my acne is getting worst.

So i did a little research about acne and i found out that it is possible to have huge acne break outs due to sudden weight gain, improper diet and of course stress. What i did is i really tried my best to lose some weight but i kinda FAILED on that part, but i really tried not to gain more weight and i did...

My breakouts has lessen but i want to clear my face from acne... and then i finally found a solution its PROACTIV . I actually tried this product before in my teenage years, and it did clear my face way back in high school. So i said , i want to try this again and bought a set from rakuten ( i dont want the Japan version of this product ) good for 2 months. At first use, i had a huge break outs! i was really discouraged of the product aside from break outs it causes my skin to be so stingy and itchy! so i discontinued it but since proactiv is quite expensive i used it again but this time i did not use the 1st step which is the renewing cleanser because its grainy and i think thats the reason why it provoked my acne to go GAGA lol

Instead of using the renewing cleanser, i use clearasil foam wash (mild type) and it did do wonders on my face.... It took 8 mos to finally see the result.

I want to show to you guys the before and after pic but i dont have pictures of me when i was having a huge break outs.. So just imagine how serious my acne problems by the scars on my face.

Now my problem is how to get rid or just lighten the scars a bit...

So my friend gave me this cute little jar.. Its called TOPGEL im not going to give a review of this now.. Maybe after i finished one jar. I only use this every night after my proactiv routine. It is actually a whitening cream, i hope this works!

so guys who are having the same problem as me, don't lose hope! take it as a life's challenge..... 
i hope you guys will find a solution that will fit for you.. 
have a nice day and thanks for reading ....

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