Hanko (inkan) : I finally have it!!

Friday, April 01, 2011
Ive finally have a hanko (inkan)its a personal stamp used as a signature for documents, esp if you are going to get a bank account. I have my first name on it in katakana, some gaijins have their inkan in kanji (complicated for me) and romaji but i prefer katakana.  So if u don't know how to write your name or your surname in katakana just search in google for katakana or you can ask mr google translator :D

*every single hanko is different even you have the same name or surname

actually i have 3 hankos haha because the 1st one i ordered it online in rakuten.jp 1,780 yen w/ free case and free marble hanko and it took 4 or 5 days before it arrive so my husband is really bugging me to just make a new one in an actual store because he can't wait for it >..<

the red one is the free marble hanko :D
when i get this i have this card that shows the mark 
produced by this inkan the black one

so yeah and we did it cost me 1,240 yen on that shop! w/out case hmmp! and because it took 2 days for them to produce it... still i get all the hankos on april 1! waaah ! now im confused which of these will i use (O_O)

 so this is the envelope showing the mark the stamp makes

its a wood, and doesnt have a free case but i read something online 
that its better to use a wooden inkan now i'm really confuse >..<

now that i have a hanko, ill try to open bank account in shizu-gin and postal bank and might also register this in the city office or shiyakusho (市役所). Good luck to everyone who's going to get their hanko :D 

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