Happy New year !!! its 2011! Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu

Wednesday, January 05, 2011
wow! its 2011 people and im living here in JAPAN for a year now.
So how was your new years eve???? well, mine is some kinda boring!
because im at work by that time and i was like ahhhmmmmmmmmmm......

well lets not talk about it anymore for i was really really angry at that time hehe

everyone gets a new year resolution but the things is no one actually does it...
like mine.... i mean every new year i said to myself i will LOOSE WEIGHT
but uuuhhh uhhhh im gaining weight every year hahah so the best thing to do is
not to have a new years resolution!am i right?

Anyways, my new year is not that bad though. I get to to visit my husbands relatives
in GOTENBA-shi, had a close view with FUJI-SAN and of course visit the very famous
Gotenba Premium Outlet!!!!

its fuji-san too bad there is a cloud on the top of it

here is the ticket for tomei expressway! since we dont have 
an ETC installed in our car we need to have this ticket. 
by the way, reminders! if you are on an expressway do not
forget to fasten your seatbelts especially those who are at the back! 
because the police will really catch you hahaha like what happened to us 
the other day! and it sucks! good thing that it doesnt involve 
money but they will add i think 2 points penalty on your license .

its the over crowded gotenba premium outlet 
these are BRANDED STORES in one place and 
they say its a factory outlet so the things sold here 
are quite cheaper than those who are sold in an ordinary market. 
for example a coach bag cost around 6man but they sell it for 
3-4man especially if its on holiday you get it in a much lower price. 
so if you're gonna go there during this season , just be early and do not park 
on the premium outlet`s parking area. Instead, go park in a place that offers 
a free bus ride to the premium outlet. 

that`s all and i hope you guys (if ever i have readers haha ) have a fruitful and blessed
new year! god bless us all 

and goodluck if you`re goin to gotenba premium outlet! it takes a lot of 
effort and patience hehe 


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