Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer Review

Wednesday, December 08, 2010
Actually this is my first eye primer product, i mean I've never used eye primers before 'coz i don't
wear eye shadows that much but since i read that review about eye primers
so i decided to buy one.

this is from ETUDE HOUSE from their line PROOF 10 
which is a water proof products which i think 
is suitable for me because i sweat a lot hihi ^^
 its non-greasy so if you are an oily type person 
this is good for you. 

this is what it looks like but actually you need to
smudge it ( sorry im not sure what term to use) on your eye lids. 

to see the eye primer's effectiveness,  
 i will use a silver eye shadow from Kanebo 
Fasio ( glitter shower eyes ) to show the difference 

on the upper part is the eye shadow alone and on the lower part 
is the eye shadow with the eye primer 

as you can see, the eye primer brings out the true color 
of the eye shadow rather than not using an eye primer on . 

what i love about this product is the eye shadow will 
really last whole day.

look at the pic below, i tried to wipe it off with a tissue 
but the eye shadow is still there. 

so thats it! hope you guys find this review meaningful and helpful LOL 

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