Pregnant in Japan: What to do?

Saturday, October 22, 2016
konnichiwa~ yurikachan desu!

You might be here because of the very reason that you are pregnant and you are clueless about the things you need to do especially that you are in a foreign country like Japan. So as promise, I will share my experiences like hospitals, bills, insurance and other benefits.

To tell you honestly, I was having second thoughts whether I'll have the baby here or I'll just go back to my home country and have the baby there. But since my husband will be left all alone here in Japan, I decided to have the baby here and invite my parents to come over to help us.

The first thing that you would really want to do is to check if you are really pregnant. So you visit the nearest clinic or hospital and they will ask you some questions like "are you happy that you are pregnant ? " and the most shocking thing that they've asked me is "are you going to continue your pregnancy?" I mean I came from a country where abortion is a big no no. I was shocked and terrified at the same time 😂😱😲

The doctor will then make a transvaginal ultrasound and you will be sitting on an automatic chair wherein your vajayjay will be exposed on the other side of the curtain. Meaning you will not see them looking at your precious flower hahah and Oh! did I mention that most of the OB-GYNE are male?! Geez! 

After the pelvic examination, if your pregnancy is now viable or your baby has a heart beat then they will give you a certificate that you are actually pregnant. If there is no heart beat or it is too early to see it then your doc will ask you to come again after a week or two. 

So why give a certificate?! That is because you will then report your pregnancy to your city's office. They will give you a maternity and child health handbook (boshi techo) wherein the progress of your pregnancy will be written as well as your baby's health condition

A prenatal check-up coupons (I forgot what its called in nihongo) that will help with your pregnancy financially because aside from your health insurance the city office will shoulder a part of your monthly check-ups 

(You will then right your name, address, contact number and ETA) 

and a  pregnant mark with its logo onaka ni akachan ga imasu ( there is a baby in my tummy) you can put the keychain on your bag where it is very visible this will let other people know that you are pregnant and you have all the right to sit in the designated seats for disable,oldies and pregnant or if you have a car you can stick it at the back of your car to let other drivers know that you're pregnant and gives you the right to park in the disable area.  

If you are working and is under the shakkai hokken. You also need to tell your employer so that you can avail of the marernity leave ( sankyuu) and the childcare leave (ikujikyuuka) which I will be posting on my next blog! 

If ever i missed something in here dont hesitate to ask! Ciao~

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