Etude House: Secret Beam Powder Pact review

Friday, December 03, 2010
Secret Beam Powder Pact is also from Etude house which i bought last year 2009 in ebay, there are 2 shades available its the Light pearl #1 and Natural Pearl #2. I have the Natural Pearl #2 its actually great! According to the seller

Concept : Secret Beam Powder Compact offers a silky finish to makeup. 
finishing touch to makeup

Secret Beam Foundation adds a healthy sparkle to skin tone 
High luster satin pearl look 
Oil shine control
 which is i think suitable for my skin type and im not wrong about this one! so here is the picture of the product , i like the packaging its soo cute! silvery pink i guess it also has a good smell!

what i like about this is that its a shimmer powder! and the applicator or the sponge 
is really soft! suitable for my skin, i remember my co-worker envied my powder 
because of its shimmering effect hehe. Ive been using this for a year now 

i think i bought this for $14 ( shipping fee not included) 

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