Japanese Driving License???

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
its been awhile since i blogged and i wonder if i still have readers?since I`m not that active to the online world anymore. Been busy working my arse for a living! hah! can`t blame me JAPAN is such an expensive place to live in. But anyways, I`ve been thinking lately to have a GAIMEN KIRIKAE ( License exchange) just like what my husband did before because I have a PHILs Driving License. Its a long process and it will take how many retakes for me to pass i know, but having it rather than going to the MENKYO GAKKOU ( driving schools) will really save me from spending YENS of  YENS.

As far as i know, going to a driving school will really need lots of money. I think the entire course will cost 300,000 yen or 30万 and that depends on your situation if you fail the exam then you will retake it, meaning you`ll have to spend more money for you to pass but the passing rate is higher. While doing the GAIMEN KIRIKAE is i think a lot cheaper but the passing rate for me is like 60% haha. Why? simply because my driving knowledge is not that broad. I mean i did not drive that much when i was in the PHILs. and thats why my confidence level on driving is too low.

I really love to have my own car because of my work and i don't need to wait for my husband when will he be available. My husband`s working hours is not that..........FRIENDLY. So, i want to do things on my own.

But taking a gaimen kirikae is not that easy there are lots of things to do. First, i need to go to JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) to have my Phil. Driving Lic. Translated that would be 3000円 then after i obtained the translation that is the time i will go to the Prefecture Licensing Department to pass my requirements and they will have a brief interview on how did you obtain your license. If they are convinced they will let you go through the eye examination, next step is written exam if you pass then you will proceed to the actual driving test, which is the MAIN event haha! actually its not just a typical driving test.! behold the course : look how curvy the course is!!!!!!!!!

so thats it! whew! i admit i haven`t translated my phils. lic yet but my my hands are sweating and shaking as i type this blog hahaha! nerve wrecking indeed! so when will i do the test???! very sooon.. ^^Y

wish me luck T_T

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