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Friday, August 29, 2014

Its TGIF for me! no work on SAT/SUN so i have all the time to make this blog for all my readers ehem~ out there! please do comment below ^^ for your questions and i will gladly answer you back.

In this techie era that we lived in ONLINE SHOPPING is such a big hit, especially here in JAPAN where they find it more convenient to just order the goods they like online due to the busy schedule. Aside from the convenience, for me ordering online is a lot more cheaper compared to the goods displayed on an actual stores. For example, i can buy a fujitsu laptop on AMAZON.JP for 80,000 yen whereas on an electronic dept. stores it will cost for about 10,000 ~ 12,000 yen. See? how much of a bargain is that!

Japanese people are also into buying 2nd hand items from recycle stores or from flea markets. Even myself i also patronize those stores. But the thing is, in recycled stores you cant haggle the price and flea markets always sell OOOOOOLLLLDDDD ANCIENT STUFFS ( i dont know if it is the same with other places though) and it is always scheduled on SUNDAYs. Not all people have the time to go the flea market especially those who have a tight working schedules. Good thing that they created an online flea market!
there are tons of mobile apps in the google play/ App store but what i usually use is MERCARI and LINE MALL.

Both of the apps offer a free listing, so if you have things that you don`t use anymore which is in a good condition you can sell it free of charge. They will only charge you if you will withdraw your money to your japanese bank account which will only cost you 210 yen. The down side is, the apps is not gaijin friendly especially for people like me who have a small knowledge of nihongo,  but hey! look at the bright side~ you can learn nihongo from dealing with the japanese sellers/buyers.Below is the similarities and differences of the two apps.


 can pay via credit card / atm / conbini
 free listing will charge you for withdrawal only
 consumable points
 for JAPAN only


 You cant haggle on LINE MALL
 LINE MALL offers 3rd party courier meaning your address will be hidden ( you -> courier`s name     and address -> buyer )
 LINE MALL will deposit your money after 3 days after application while MERCARI has a scheduled deposit
 MERCARI does not have an option to add tracking number on your shipment while LINE MALL does
 LINE MALL has a strict policy than MERCARI

I hope i listed everything, overall both are great apps. I will blog next time on how to use the apps! cause i feel so sleepy now haha!  stay tuned! thanks for reading~

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