JAP Drivers License

Friday, March 05, 2010
Yesterday we went again to shizouka-shi for my hubhie's
exam despite of how tired he is from his night shift work.
While we're at the taxi ( we're running out of time so
we have to spend 2,000 yen for our fare from eki to menkyo
senta T_T)  he told me that he wont pass the exam today
and maybe he should schedule the next exam a month after.

I can really sense that he's losing hope to pass the exam
so i said lets just pray ok? f you wont pass today then its fine!
you can take it several times just like what others did! and besides
even the Japanese examinees are having a hard time to pass the exam. 
 so i was really lifting his hopes high, im kinda worried about him and
i dont want to see him sad. >..<

The proctor at that time was not ratatouille ( i mention it on my last blog haha)
maybe this guy will be considerate than the other one. As the exam was going on,
i just watched them above the course because non-examinees are not allowed
to enter the area. I observed how my hubhie handled the car, i was really happy
'coz he was doin' good and im praying "GOD PLS LET HIM PASS WE SPEND A LOT OF MONEY ALREADY" hehe

He finished the course in no time! and he told me that the proctor asked him
if he attend in a driving school in japan! so i said maybe he was impressed?
because you did'nt attend to any school and you havent drove a car in japan
ever since you landed on this country yet my hubhie managed to finish
the course smoothly! therefore that's a sign that he PASSED THE EXAM
and i was right! hahahah HE PASSED THE EXAM! WHEW!

i am really happy for him, i mean he really wanted to have a license not because
he wanted to have a car ( and we cant afford it for the meantime hehe) but for
work purposes.

thank god that the proctor that time is not that strict! why? because most
of them passed the exam! hehe unlike the previous exams that was proctored
by that ratatouille guy all of them failed!

that ratatouille is just soooooo... I DONT KNOW HOW TO PUT IT IN WORDS arrghh!

mah mah anyway the good thing is he passed the exam! thanks for reading ^^
and goodluck to those who still or going to take the exam! gambatte!

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