Me taking a Japanese driving license part 2

Friday, October 31, 2014
Hi yurikachan desu~

I am just going to update about my experience in gaimen kirikae. To tell you all honestly I'm
quite frustrated/stressed out right now.

I started the exam last oct 16. And yes i failed my 1st try which is normal, you dont know how nervous I was that day i fell on the S road and i hit a pole in the crank or the L road.

2nd attempt i still failed i forgot to look at my back during reverse  because i fell on the S road again but i manage the crank. Im still lucky because my proctor was a girl

3rd attempt the girl is not around! Proctor was a boy a semi strict one. I see to it not to fall on the S road and yatta~ i finally know the technic on the S road haha! I thought im going to pass it but proctor told me i need to stay closer on the left side upon turning. Oh god! I said to my self how small the mistake but he still fails me.

4th attempt geez! When will that girl return? She's still not around. My proctor on that day is the head of the driving test department how unlucky! When i saw him holding our papers i said to my husband uh-uh im in trouble. I knew from the start he will fail me because he was well known for being toxic. He was really strict. He fails me for another small mistake. Upon turning right he wants me to be closer on the right side lane, closer on the white line.

wtf??! Last time they failed me because they wanted me on the left side now they wanted me on the right side?! You dont know how pissed i was that day. I mean as far as i am concern i really did my best. I turned my head , look on sideways at the back i thought im gonna break my neck on that 180° head spin lol. I did not fell on the roads especially on the S and crank. Yet he still fails me. I keep on asking myself how did they do the pointing thing? Right? Isnt it weird?

4 of us took the exam that day, guess what? Nobody pass the exam. How sad! I decided to take a 1 week break from the exam because i was really frustrated right now. Im going to give it a try next next week. I hope by that time they will pity on me hah! >..<

Whats your story? Comment below.

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