Me taking a Japanese Drivers License Part 3

Thursday, November 20, 2014
konnichiwa~ yurikachan desu

I am happy to announce that I yurikachan, has finally passed the GAIMEN KIRIKAI on my 6th try
last october 18 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that day 4 of us took the exam ( 2 chinese, 1 bangladesh and ME pinay) I am so confident because I knew that the Proctor Girl is already back to work. So I paid 2200yen fee for the EXAM
then proceeded at the EYE EXAM where they will let you determine the position of the C (up,down,right,left) then after that I go to the gaimen kirikai department to pass my documents.

The Proctor Girl that I was looking for is actually the one who received my documents. I was so happy and overly confident that I will pass that day because of her. So I waited for the proctor to
start the exam. At exactly 2PM a guy with a large spectacles holding our documents called us and announced that he will be our proctor that day!

My confidence level dropped like its hot! lol I was expecting for the girl to be our proctor. But since the Bangladesh guy is taking a MANUAL car exam, He was taking over. I was very sure that the proctor will fail me again. Sad part is, I will be the first one to take the exam.

I calm down myself and said, I can do this! this is for my future! My work! My family!

So before entering the car, I checked the front and back if there are kids or animals that are hiding there. Then before opening the door I see to it that there is no car approaching my side. After I entered the car, I adjusted my seat towards the steering wheel and elevated it a bit. Since the side mirrors wont move if the car is off, I put my seat belt first, step on the break, start the engine and adjusted the side mirrors and rear mirror. I see to it that I can see the wheel of the car, because we don't want to hit or fall on the curb.

I Put the winker on the right, my foot is still pressing the brake, change gear towards drive gear then release the hand break. Before going, I did the 180 degrees head spin; check the back ,  left mirror , rear mirror, right mirror and right shoulder side. After that I slowly release the break and off I go inside the course.

The point here is even you are so good at driving in your country, what they really wanted to see is
you actually knew the JAPANESE DRIVING RULES and REGULATIONS and that you are a
DEFENSIVE driver. Honestly, I did not go to a driving school to practice. What I did is i read alot and watch videos on youtube about japanese driving exams.

here are some tips from supermelf:

and here is a japanese video that really helped me a alot :

So after I finish the course, the proctor told me that during left turns I tend to move the steering wheel like Im confused whether its right to turn this way or not. And that I was not checking the left mirror during turns which is on my part i really checked it!!! but after that he told me that I should keep in mind the rules they have and to be very extra careful when driving. So I was confused if I passed or not, I told my husband about it and he said that I definitely pass the exam. But since I am skeptical and I dont want to raise my hopes up, I stay grounded. 

While watching the girl in the office sorting our papers, she separated one paper from everyone else. And I was starting to feel cold. Then she announced that i pass the exam! yattaaaaaaaaaaa~ i cant believe it i was like stunned by her announcement. I was the only one who passed that day. So I paid for the license which is 3500yen but since they have this safety campaign i paid 1500yen for it.

It took 10~15 mins for them to encode my data, then they took a pic of me. after that 5 mins later my license is out!!!!!!!!!! yesssssssss ~ she explained what is written on the license and when should I 
renew it. She also told me that since I am a 1 yr license holder in the PHILS. its ok not to use a shoshinsha mark ( begginners sticker) on my car. But since I still consider myself as a beginner, 
i decided to used it. So thats it! Now my problem is buying a car hahah :) 

thank you very much for reading and I hope you too could get your license very soon.. 

good luck ~ 

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