Celebrating Christmas in Japan 2015

Saturday, December 26, 2015
Konnichiwa~ yurikachan desu!

First of all I want to greet all of you a merry merry christmas! I hope you guys enjoyed your day with your loved ones and for those who are having a hard time, I hope somehow you will find happiness and peace of mind as the year ends.

So how do we celebrate Christmas here in Japan? Nope we dont celebrate it that much as the way we celebrate it in our homeland because most of us are working during Christmas. But we find ways to have a simple celebration like having a dinner with our family or partying like crazy with our co-workers also called as (bonenkai).

Before Christmas Eve, Me and my husband just bought a roasted chicken and cooked some Filipino dish. We also have Christmas presents for each other, the funny thing is my husband is super shocked to what I gave him. Its an Oakley shades jawbreaker. I knew very well that he wanted to have that shades, but was hesitant to buy because its too expensive. So what I did is I worked so hard before Christmas so I can buy it for him. Glad I did, he's too happy that he was speechless. Of course, he also gave me a gift its a gold necklace with an angel pendant on it. After our dinner, we watched some movies, greeted our families back home and then go to sleep. We didn't wait until 12 mid because we have work on the next day.

My gift to hubhie

hubhies gift

Me and my co-workers who are also Filipinas celebrated Christmas in our own way. 1 month before Christmas day we had planned to have an exchange gifts. Its popular in the Philippines, I think since grade school I`ve been participating to such XD. We would then set it to a certain amount so it wont be hard on our pockets. But the thing is, Its difficult to find a gift that would fit to the person you`ve picked. Aside from the exchange gifts, we also planned to have a small gathering after work at manekineko; a karaoke house. We brought with us some home cooked meals.

manekineko character

Foods prepared by my co-workers

Aside from having a Christmas party, we also celebrated an advance birthday to our LINE LEADER who was really clueless. We gave him a birthday/Christmas gift, of course all of us contributed a certain amount to buy him the gift.  He deserved to be treated us such because he treated us like a family.
Our coolest leader

gifts not only for our manita but for everyone as well

gifts I received. 
Even though We are away from our homeland, from our relatives, parents and family we celebrated Christmas Happily. I know its not about gifts or what, the important thing is we are happy despite of how busy our lives was in Japan. That we took a break and enjoyed what GOD has given us,LIFE.
Once again, Merry Christmas everyone and have a Prosperous New year! Peace !

So how was your Christmas? Did you enjoyed it as much as we do?

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