The Body Shop Tea Tree Face wash and Toner

Sunday, December 27, 2009
This year is really a bad year for my face, I had huge acne break outs every now and then
and it leaves red scars on my face i really hate it  maybe because i don't have a proper sleep and proper diet. I have tried several products and none of them has help me... I even go to derma house just to try  reducing the break outs but im not satisfied to it. I want this thing out of my face!

When i arrived here in Japan my face is a mess, I'm embarrassed to the people that surrounds
my husband tsk tsk and because of my stupidity i forgot to bring my Soap which my dermatologist
gave me ( a tea tree soap; it has tea leaf like inside of it)  Good thing that the aunt of my hubhie let me
use her facial wash for the mean time.

It is a Tea tree Blackhead Exfoliating from The Body Shop ( 1,680円) , There's a sand like grains on it
and i love the smell of tea tree. Ive been using it for 1 week and i noticed that my pimples
are "peeling" but since it's not mine hehe we go to THE BODY SHOP branch in Shizouka-shi to buy some
Tea Tree Products.

I only bought 2 items from their tea tree line, Facial Wash (1,365円) and Toner (1,680円).
When we bought it, the Japanese Saleslady explained everything about the product but the
thing is i don't understand anything from what she's saying hahaha LOL..

She presented me the other facial wash but it was a foam and i asked her in ENLGLISH which one is better? but damn she cant understand english so i said "dochira mo ii desu ka?" and she said that the foam is much better..
i dont know why haha but for me i would rather buy the other one since it is in a larger bottle and cheaper than the foam one so in practicality's sake i chose it XD but when im done with my 1st bottle im thinking
of buying the two. I just want to know which one is much better ^_^

Since i reached 3,000 円 , they gave me a membership card. I can avail their sale and gain points on every purchase plus i can also buy it online exclusive for body shop members. I dont have to go to shizouka-shi just to buy it ! NAISU!

Ive been using it for 3 weeks now, i like it! though i still have break outs but it is not like before that
cystic acne's are coming out. I can feel that my face is really clean when using it, its like there is minty 
sensation on my face and every time i use the toner i can feel that my pores are breathing hehe sorry 
for the term but thats the way i describe it hahaha LOL but i also had a proper sleep and diet thats 

I also noticed that some of my acne scars are turning to brown which is a good sign, unlike before that it looks like a fresh pimple. I will continue to use this and i hope i could obtain the skin im sooooo longing to have :D

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