Friday, December 11, 2009
Im really fond of listening to kpop, jpop and cpop and it all started
when meteor garden aired in the Philippines way back in my high
schoold days haha! and ofcourse JPOP ever since i knew about anime
when i was a kid.

Its not that im not listening anymore to OPM and
western music but i think 75% of my hard drive is composed of KPOP
JPOP and CPOP. Even though i dont understand a single word of it
i still like it!

My latest fandom is KPOP! i really like BIGBANG a lot but i dont
buy their albums hehe (but i did buy a GD heartbreaker album)
but someday ill be able to collect all their discography haha! wish me

korean song (i luurrve how Jiyong said "base"):

Japanese song (latest single):

English song (cool!):

I dont know what's with them that i really really like them! the songs,
the moves, the body, thefaces!!! hahahha! gomene im such a perv!
They are really talented and they also release Japanese albums!
but they are not the 1st korean group to release albums in JAPAN
the most famous korean boy band/group in JAPAN i think its TOHOSHINKI
or DBSK/TVXQ here's there music videos

Korean :

Japanese (i love this song):

I also like DBSK but hmm not that much though. Im not really into girl
groups but 2ne1 rocks! its not that sandara park is there which is
the pambansang krung2x in the Philippines before but they are just simply
talented same with my beloved boys (bigbang) they are in the same
entertainment company which is YG.

Ever since they had collaboration with BigBang in a LG CYON CF
I just cant believed that SANDY or DARA improved a lot! I mean
she cant sing, she cant dance before! though she's a funny girl i tell you!

I got hooked up with this song when it was released haha!

When 2ne1 debuted, and reports leak to Philippines about SANDARA PARK dang!
Everyone is listening to their songs hahaa! but i kinda dont like it errr
posers everywhere claiming that they are KPOP fans duh?!

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