1st Time to blog ever!

Monday, December 07, 2009
this post is my 1st time to blog ever haha! congrats
to myself weee~

I've created this blogger account long ago but i dont
have the guts to put something on it and because im bored
and its so damn cold (WINTER!)so i decided to post an entry.

Actually, im not used to this kind of season because we dont have
it in the
PHILIPPINES. Im currently located in Japan and its my 1st
time to experience winter ! Ive been here for a month already !!
and im still having a hard time to adopt geez!

Im really anticipating for a "yuki" or snow but unfortunately our
place wont have it (
not all places in Japan has snow) but the
blow of the wind will freeze you haha!

nuff said bout snow and freezing, today is a rainy day and i took
a picture outside our window.

We are living in an apartment and its
really boring in here. I mean i cant see people outside their houses
making fun or doing what a Filipino usually do... I missed the noise
of the "tricycle" hehe.

I also missed my family a lot, But i have to endure all of this hayss
(this photo was taken long time ago teehee)

and my lil bro

So much about my family, the place where we live is really peaceful.
and all you can see walking in the streets are
the old ones hehe.
It is not a busy city like
TOKYO does! the "densha" or train wont even be fulled
with passengers! haha speaking of trains/subways watch this video! LOL

haha i really laugh my ass off to that video!

Last saturday we go to the main city of
shizouka prefecture which is
shizouka city! it will take 30 mins through densha from shimada to shizouka

It was a big and a busy city~ full of department stores!! In there, i saw
different kind of japanese fashion waaa~ i really like how the teens
dressed themselves. I was really amazed when we entered 109.. fashion
is everywhere and caaasssshiiing
YEN! too bad i wasn't able to take a
pic of the place.. it was raining hard that time and we haven't stroll
that much so we just ate at KFC after that we go home hays!

i will ask my hubby that we should go back to shizouka!! hahaha!

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