Time to Draw

Monday, January 11, 2010
aw its been a long time since i bloogged haha.. I was so bored lately and i want to go out
but i dont have the guts to do so since im not yet familliar with this place haysssss
so what i did is that i had a movie marathon of one of my favorite anime which is Detective Conan !!!
haha a total of 13 movies woooh! i watched it here http://animecrazy.net/ there are loads of animes in there.

I watched it straight for 3 days! so after i finished all the 13 movies i kinda regret it since i dont have anything to do after haha~! so decided to draw conan and its been a long time since i draw something so gomene if i
did it wrong bwahaha!

so i posted on my facebook account and a friend of mine ask me if i could draw her! well, since im full
of confidence that time hehe i draw her... an anime version since i really cant draw a portrait yeah im
only capable of drawing anime stuffs teehee~ It came out good (i think???)

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