I gained Weight!

Monday, February 08, 2010
Oh my god! i really gained weight while im here in JAPAN!
I think the main reason for this is i ate a lot of RICE and BREAD!!!!!
honestly, their rice is delicious and its really different from the rice im used to,
arrrrghh! now im in trouble! its so hard to loose weight esp during winter

My husband's aunt always gave me bread everytime she comes home and you know,
Im kinda obliged to eat it since she gave it to me and i cant say no! you get me?

so now im on a diet as in seriously im on diet because i cant believe what i saw on the weighing scale
the other day. In just 2 months i gained that too much weight and im not happy bout it and im embarassed

so if your new or just planning to go to JAPAN never ever let yourself eat too much rice and bread!

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