Late Valentines Date XD

Tuesday, February 16, 2010
Me and my hubby weren't able to celebrate valentines day last feb 14
since he is at work by that time and i was all alone in this apt (poor me hehe)
but he promised me that we will go out on the 16th. Actually I'm fine with it 
'cause im not really a romantic person LOL but on the 15th when he came home
he brought me some choco's not branded haha and he bought it from the convenience
store tsk tsk nahh its ok so i was like oohhh so thoughtful of him?????? hehe

I think the choco's are home made but still its yummy.

So on the 16th we go to shizouka-shi and we ate at KFC and ordered 4 pcs chicken
just a typical date for a typical couple hehe then after that we hurriedly go to the menkyo sentā
in shizouka. This is his 3rd time but still he fails, i dont know if the proctor's reason is valid i just
find it ridiculous. I mean i saw him driving at the course and he's doin good naaahhhh! i dont know
getting a japanese driver's license is really difficult especially if you are a foreigner. Nobody from their
batch passed and some of them had taken the exam for more than 5 times. whew! and we spend a
lot of money for one exam!!! WTF??!

Im so pissed off so i gave a name to those 2 officers hehe, 1st one his name is ratatouille  and the other
one is despereaux hahaha wonder why i gave them those names?? because they look like a rat LOL
just joking! but jokes are half meant right? haha XD

We spent our remaining time walking the streets of shizouka and feeling the coldness. We walked
for like an hour and half haha, my feet is very painful waaah

On our way home, my hubhie bought me some pair of shoes in ABC shop . Im so happy 'cause its my fave shoe chuck taylor CONVERSE weee~ he knew that i missed my old shoe that i left in the Phils. I forgot to
bring it so that's it a red one.

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