Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2015

Sunday, December 28, 2014
konnichiwa~ yurikachan desu!! 

Greetings everyone! I hope its not too late for me to greet you a Merry Christmas , I was too busy lately due to work and practicing driving skills haha ( I still can`t park properly though waaa~). We have this long holiday for the New Year Celebration but some of the companies here in Japan won`t have it or they will only go for 3~4 days of vacation or NONE at all. 

Speaking of christmas , I was surprised by my hubby with his "small" gift as what he describes it lol 
on the 24th I had a meeting with my employer to discuss the rules and regulations of the new company I am going to work next year. So, since my husband is out of the house, I mean he was working 11 pm - 11 am shift . I asked him to buy me a NAMA KURIMU or a whip cream for I am going to use it with the fruit salad for our Noche Buena but he did not buy it! I got angry with him and he insisted that I buy it and that his wallet is in the car. Since, I have an appointment by 3 pm 
I decided to drop by at grocery store after my appointment. 

Before leaving the house I decided to check whether the wallet is in the compartment, when i opened it I saw a white paper bag. I am supposed to ignore it but when I was about to close the compartment I noticed that it has a writings on it so I took it read it it was actually a gift! I was surprised and was teary eyed, I never expected to receive a gift because I know he is not that kind of guy I mean he buys me stuffs but not in this manner of surprising me. 

I was really happy, he may say that its just a small gift but for me it was the perfect gift I receive this Christmas. I am so blessed to have a happy and healthy family and a man who will be on my side forever; together we will build our own happy family. 

How about you? What did you receive this Christmas ? 

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  1. Hello! I am tagging you in a five-day photo challenge. If you aren't interested, that's totally OK :) If you do join in I look forward to seeing what you'll share :)


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